A home inspection provides quality information to the buyer and seller regarding the condition of the home and property, with maintanace recommendations that can increase the value of the investment, or inform of any repairs required before the purchase of the home.

Home inspections are needed when financing the purchase of a home and provide confidence in the readiness of a home for selling.

The exterior inspection covers all aspects of the building structure, from the roofing, gutters and drains, chimney, siding, garage, doors, windows, and foundation. Also covered is the grounds, sidewalks and driveway.

The interior inspection covers the structures of the ceiling, walls, floors, doors and windows; for the attic, rooms, and basement. The utility systems are inspected as well, including electrical, gas, and water; the components of each, such as the main electrical utility box, furnace, water heater, and plumbing systems.

The main electrical box is inspected to ensure it meets electrical codes and safety.

The gas furnace, electric or gas, is inspected to ensure it meets building safety codes.

The entire home is inspected from the roof to foundation, exterior and interior, including the grounds, driveway, sidewalks and garage.

The results of the home inspection is a written report that includes pictures of important areas, information describing the condition of inspected areas, and recommendations. The inspection report is provided to you by email. The report is made to the established inspection standards of AHIT, ASHI, NAHI, and InterNACHI.

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The inspection is accurately managed using InspectIT software which produces nicely formatted reports.

An example InspectIT report in Adobe PDF format can be viewed below.

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